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Custom Procedure Trays (CPTs) Made to Order

We put the custom back in custom procedure trays, delivering precisely the components you specify—even hard-to-find items. Hundreds of hospitals and manufacturers around the globe count on us for superior choice, industry-leading customer service, and clear, transparent pricing.

Through our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Ireland, we fulfill the CPT needs of U.S.-based providers, as well as manufacturers and providers across Europe.

Custom Procedure Trays (CPT)

  • AVID® TruCustom Procedure Trays solve providers' point of care needs by meeting stringent performance standards and quality controls
  • Our CPTs serve a wide number of surgical specialties, including robotics, orthopedics, cardiology, cath labs, gastric, laproscopic, and labor & delivery
  • From state-of-the-art facilities in Ireland, our ArcRoyal team supplies hundreds of operating rooms across Europe with CPTs that address a wide range of surgical procedures
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Minor Procedure Kits & Trays (MPKT)

Our Medical ActionSM line of minor procedure kits gives manufacturers and providers a complete, cost-saving solution for the delivery of procedure-specific components. Each of our more than 1,200 possible configurations is assembled to meet the industry's most stringent standards, because we know there really is no such thing as minor surgery.

Minor Procedure Kits & Trays (MPKT)

  • Benefit from our 30-plus years of kitting experience and our market leadership in infusion therapy kits
  • Receive routine analyses designed to eliminate waste and drive out inefficiency
  • Count on across-the-board compliance with healthcare facility protocols
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SurgiTrackSM: Advanced O.R. Procedural Delivery Service

Only SurgiTrackSM facilitates supply chain management for every procedure—from general use, to high-dollar procedure-specific, to surgeon preference—and defines a single delivered price. This results in greater efficiency and dynamic savings.

SurgiTrackSM uses a uniquely effective approach that directly relates supply purchases to the contract pricing system and surgeon-preference cards.

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  • Matches purchases to consumption by generating a clean, current procedural supply cost-per-case
  • Reduces on-hand inventory by up to 80%
  • Delivers product changes up to 106 days faster than the top two competitors

Our Kits Offer Quality, Absolute Choice, and Unrivaled Customer Service

Learn More About the Effective Solutions We Deliver to the Point of Care

Our teams in the U.S. and Ireland can design and deliver custom procedural solutions that will enable clinicians to spend more time on patient care. Contact the Custom Procedural Solutions Team for assistance.