Three Proven Ways to Dramatically Streamline Inventory Management

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Manage Resources More Effectively with Less Staff Time

Owens & Minor works with hospital leadership to develop a master plan for improving processes and productivity. With PANDACSM, our exclusive O.R. inventory management system, we can even put an expert on site to manage wound closure and other high-value supplies. Using patented O&M technology, on-site experts can routinely monitor purchases and usage, adjust PAR levels, and deliver continuous reporting.

Resource Management Solutions

  • Give clinical staff more time to spend on patient care, and less time managing O.R. wound closure supplies
  • Gain significant savings on inventory costs in the first year alone
  • Reap benefits including multi-year savings, experienced on-site analysts, expedited product shipping and returns, and powerful analytics
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Maximize Your Supply Chain's Transparency with QSightSM

Our QSightSM suite of services is specifically designed for clinical needs. It integrates with the electronic health records to provide full visibility into the supply chain. QSightSM is like a second set of eyes when it comes to right-sizing inventory, reducing waste, even taking care of year-end inventory counting.

QSightSM Technology

  • QSightSM Perpetual Management harnesses over 400,000 SKUs to simplify ordering, improve charge capture, and optimize supply usage
  • QSightSM RFID-enabled enclosures automatically track and monitor expensive perpetual inventory in real-time, 24/7
  • QSightSM Kanban, powered by BlueBin Inc., constitutes our industry-leading visual replenishment system to correctly stock supplies
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Automate the Most Expensive Purchases with Implant Purchase ManagementSM (IPM)

Medical implants are costly, and these transactions take time. Owens & Minor's IPMSM constitutes a fully automated, web-based app that simplifies everything, including complex discounts, pricing tiers, even capitation agreements. This approach delivers immediate, impactful ROI.

Implant Purchase Management (IPM)

  • Streamline the entire implant purchasing process
  • Gain hard dollar savings ROI of approximately 2.5 to 4X, net of all IPM costs
  • Experience additional indirect process improvement savings of up to 2X